Kat Sweet

Now with a catchy tagline!

Introducing FFF Fridays!

BSidesLV is only 4 weeks away, and the final schedule is up!  I’ll be taking the stage at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, July 31st (you can read an overview of my presentation topic here).  PowerPoint slides are being prepared, implements of pleasure are being designed, and I’m sure somewhere a set of pearls is being clutched.  If you’re crazy enough (as I am) to be heading out to Vegas during the hottest part of the year, and may be interested in my talk, allow me to help you get into a 3D printing mindset with FFF Fridays!

Each Friday for the next 3-4 weeks leading up to the conference, I’ll be posting about a different 3D printing-related topic -- things that there won’t be time to cover in detail during my 50-minute talk.  (I can’t promise a post on the 26th, as I’ll be traveling starting at ass-o’clock in the morning, but I will try my damnedest.)  Stay tuned for the first installment this Friday, July 5th!