Kat Sweet

Now with a catchy tagline!


I am an infosec blue teamer driven by a desire to make the information security field more accessible to those who want in, to foster trust and engagement between security and other teams, and to promote security awareness with a tone of empowerment rather than fear.


I currently work as an information security analyst on Duo Security's security operations team in Austin, TX. My role encompasses many areas of security operations, including incident response, vendor security assessments, and vulnerability management. I am also heavily involved in building Duo's employee security awareness and engagement program, promoting Duo's commitment to balancing security and usability. 


My interest in tackling complex cultural issues led me to earn my BA in gender and women's studies and, years later, my AAS in network security (after rejecting the conventional wisdom "don't quit your day job"). Thanks to being accepted into the second SANS Women's Immersion Academy, I hold the GSEC, GCIH, and GCIA certifications. 


In addition to serving as BSidesLV's lockpick village co-lead (and formerly chairing CircleCityCon's CFP review board), I've spoken at several security conferences. (See my Publications page for recordings and abstracts.) I have been a mentor for the BSidesLV Proving Ground; I was also a mentor for the third SANS Women's Immersion Academy.


I connect professionally on LinkedIn, quip unprofessionally on Twitter (warning: contains cat photos and puns), and occasionally write on my blog and elsewhere. All opinions -- and I have a lot of them -- are solely mine. 

Email: thesweetkat [at] thesweetkat [dot] com