Kat Sweet

Now with a catchy tagline!

"I'm changing this bio page to first person!", Kat exclaimed, before changing the bio page to first person.

I recently returned to school to study network security at my local community college, after self-teaching became more than a hobby. I began learning to code in my mid-twenties, and chased my passion for problem-solving down a rabbit hole (well, several rabbit holes), fascinated by the wide world of information security. Outside of class, I serve as president of my school's IT student group, teach at my local hackerspace, participate in ham radio events, and make a lot of things. You'll often see me doing projects in another binary system -- knitting!

In addition to being on the staff of CircleCityCon, I've been fortunate to give presentations at several security conferences. (See my Publications page for the recordings.) I'm one of the organizers of the inaugural TiaraCon, a mini-conference promoting gender diversity in security, held during DEF CON in Las Vegas. I was also a 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration scholar.

I connect professionally on LinkedIn, quip unprofessionally on Twitter (content warning: cat photos), and occasionally write on my blog and elsewhere. All opinions -- and I have a lot of them -- are solely mine. 

Questions?  Comments?  Email me at kathryn.z.sweet [at] gmail [dot] com