Kat Sweet

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Guest Writings

"The Only Winning Move Is to Hack: Playing Capture the Flag to Learn Security", The Recompiler, Issue 3

"We're Not Second-Class Students", Medium on behalf of the Anita Borg Institute

Podcasts and interviewS

Advanced Persistent Security, episode 30, on CFP success

"Women in Information Security: Kat Sweet", The State of Security (Tripwire)

The Recompiler podcast, episode 6

Conference Presentations

"Hacking Our Way Into Hacking"

CircleCityCon, June 12, 2016

CypherCon, March 11, 2016: Unrecorded

BSides Las Vegas, August 4, 2015: Unrecorded


It may seem like everyone in infosec has always been a hacker. However, many of us have come to hacking from other industries, and as we make our way through the infosec community it’s often hard to find others like us. This is a conversation for every hacker who started as a mechanic, a kindergarten teacher, or a gender studies major: let’s talk about where we came from, how we got here, how we leverage the skills from our previous careers, and some of the unique challenges we’ve come across as hackers with “past lives”.


"I Amateur Radio (And So Can You!)"

DEF CON Wireless Village, August 5, 2016

BSides Las Vegas, August 4, 2015

CircleCityCon, June 13, 2015

BSides Indy, February 21, 2015: Unrecorded


Ham radio: it’s the 100 year-old technology that refuses to die. Whether you’re a wireless enthusiast, electronics tinkerer, or just someone who wants to be able to communicate during the zombie apocalypse, having a ham radio license can open a new world of possibilities for any hacker. Come learn how and where to get your license, what you can expect to study, how you can work radio into your everyday hacking, and anything else you ever wanted to know about ham radio but were afraid to ask.


"The Sensual Side of 3D Printing"

SkyTalks at DEF CON, August 2, 2013: Unrecorded

BSides Las Vegas, July 31, 2013 (Fair warning: NSFW language and topic, if the abstract doesn't make that abundantly clear)


Come one, come all! In this stimulating oral presentation, learn how to harness 3D printing technology for a purpose that we can all get behind: sex toys. You'll be taken through the ins and outs of erecting your perfect toy right in the privacy of your own bedroom: from design, to material choice, to post-processing, it's only as hard as you want it to be. You'll learn how to program your first sex toy's own unique curves, and you'll also learn why privacy, anonymity, and choice all dictate that your next 3D model should be for personal use only.